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Launched in 2018 to share the thoughts and experiences of physiotherapist-Pilates teacher-Yoga-editor-person. I thought it would be helpful to use my noggin to offer up some advice on common conditions that would hopefully help others.


My patients and friends encouraged me to get this started so that I can offer my passionate ramblings to more than just my patients. Because the advice is applicable to everyone and helps us reduce the risk of future pain! I’m also an advocate of myth busting and plan speaking.


Like a great recipe, I’ve pulled together a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy, a Bachelor’s in Biology, and 10 years of clinical experience. With a sprinkling of specialist respiratory knowledge, cognitive functional therapy, and Pilates/Yoga teaching – I to boil down information into what I believe is helpful and works.


When I’m not being a physio, Pilates teacher or treating patients. You will find me eating, swimming or wandering fantastic Southsea with my fiancé !

I love to hear from you and answer questions, so please get in touch!

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